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Adventures in Shopping
Guiding Light
I really shouldn't, because I'm broke, but I went shopping with my Mom and bought stuff. Not a lot, but it was expensive. I got a new plant and organic potting soil. Gonna leave the cactus and aloe vera where they are right now and use Herbert's old home for the new plant. She doesn't have a name yet, but I know it's a she. :) There will be pictures when she's potted!

The big purchase, since that was under 10 dollars, was renewing my phone. Can't make international calls, but I can still receive them from Canada. *hint hint* I also bought a 55 gallon tank from Petco for 55 dollars on sale. It's to replace my evil, leaky 65 gallon one. It's not as tall or wide, but it is as long which is what's important. It also has a brace in the middle, which the 65 didn't.

The 65 is tentatively planned to be a terrarium, and I may eventually get a toad or lizard for it. Maybe. But just plants, and that's not even in the near future. This stuff is gonna be fun when I move out of my own. :P

Surprisingly, no new games or movies. Though I do have the full series of Gross Pointe on DVD from the stalker. So there's that. Just looking forward to moving the pleco to a bigger home soon. I love that thing. It's like a big, dumb, lovable, nocturnal dog. Only as a fish.

Lip service update
My Pixellated Avi
Like I said last entry, stalker dude has been cut off. He is now (hopefully) a non-issue.

Still no job, nor a prospect of one. I'm tired of filling out applications and calling places only to find out they're not hiring and that they don't want me to call even if they were.

Fishy update: everyone is still happy and healthy. And bettas are excellent fry hunters. Seriously, invest about $50 into a 5 gallon tank kit and a betta. You won't regret it. They're such sweethearts. And if you like it, you can eventually upgrade to bigger tanks with more fish. I'm all about the aquatic gospel these days. ;)

Brother is back home and has me wanting to kill him. Thankfully, he's too busy playing Pokemon Pearl and watching my anime to harass the fish. But he's going off on how I keep house, despite him only being home because nobody else will put up with him.

There is no social life, not that there was much of one before the whole unemployment and depression thing. No dating, either, but I'm fine with that. I'm perfectly happy single, and sex is quite overrated. Or, at least, it is from my experience. Blah.

Been gaming lately. A lot of Chrono Cross. Amazing music, interesting battle system, graphics that haven't dated that poorly. Not that far into it, though.

Still haven't named the aloe vera and cactus plants yet. Don't know why, but they just aren't speaking to me. Oh well. Not every plant is a winner. But I do need something that'll drink up all this dirty tank water, which is supposed to be good for plants because it has fertilizer in it.

Anyway, that's all I have. How're you guys?

Fishy problems
My Pixellated Avi
Yeah, so... The big ass fish tank is leaking. A lot. I've tried 3 patch jobs and nothing has worked. It's frustrating as all get out, too. So the fish are back in tiny tanks. Also, I want ghost shrimp, but nobody in town carries them. It's ridiculous.

The betta burned herself on the heater, and I was worried she wouldn't make it, but it's been a few weeks and she's fine. She's currently by herself in a 3.5 gallon tank, but I want to get her a moss ball and a a shrimp or two to hang out with. I have shit luck with snails. :/ The one I wanted died, and the ones I don't want won't go away.

The other fish are fine so far, and in fact I have an adolescent mickey mouse platy and a bunch of babies! I fully expect the babies to get get eaten or die because that's what they do. Babies don't last long in fish tanks. :P I want to move the betta into the 10 gallon with the other fish and get a make betta, which CAN'T live with other fish, but I don't know if that's gonna happen any time soon. Everyone is happy right now, though.

Still no jobs. In fact, when I call on applications at places that have job listings, they tell me they aren't hiring and that the posting is a mistake. AARGH!!!

I'm very, very busy on twitter. If you sign up, definitely follow me. That's where my social life is. :P Only local friends I have moved to another town, and my cell phone is currently inactive. Blah. I have no job, no prospects for a job, my unemployment has run out... things are looking like shit financially. Thankfully, it's almost tax time, so I can get my rebate check and get my car fixed.

Also, Tom is coming home. The dumbass. I have a day or two of prep work to do for when he gets here, which equates to locking up all the video game controllers and the handhelds. Well, amongst other things.

I have two new plants. An aloe vera, and some random cactus. Haven't named them yet, and we don't really talk. The fish take up a lot of my attention. They seem nice enough, though. But, alas, I still miss Herbert. :( Finally figured out what killed him: the soil was basic and ferns are acidic plants.

I've been watching *some* primetime shows. Ringer, Hart of Dixie, and Revenge. I also saw the new season of Downton Abbey, which is AMAZING!

The cards from Morgie, Rainey, and Rachie have all been received. Thanks. And bah humbug. ;)

And in what makes me happy, I may or may not have jury duty coming up. Which pays $25 a day in Ohio. And considering I have no income, this really is some good luck. Not to mention I've always wanted to do jury duty.

Welp, I hope you guys have fun holidays as I try to not to shoot anybody out of frustration. Mostly Tom, sometimes myself. Later!

Is that an update I see?
My Pixellated Avi
Yeah, so, I'm still not up to much. No job, my unemployment has run out, and when I apply to posted jobs and call on my application, they say there is no jobs available. The usual crap.

If you follow me on Twitter (!/armlessphelan) or Tumblr ( you might know that I have fish. I love them. A few have died due to trial and error, but for the most part it's good. I do have an injured betta, though. She got herself wedged in between the heater and the glass, and I had to get her out. She burned one fin off and has a burn mark on her right side, but she's able to swim and heat, albeit with some difficulty.

I just marathoned The Boondocks, and it's a great show. Otherwise, nada is going on. Some gaming, but nothing majour. New Vegas, like all Bethesda games, is terrible but addicting. I need to finish that soon.

This is one of my babies. It's the oldest, and lives in the small tank with the big fish because the big aquarium sprung a leak. You can also see my snail and pleco in the upper left hand corner.

This is said leaky tank. There's still water in it because there are still some babies that are too small to be moved.

A better picture of the pleco and snail. You can also see my betta relaxing. She's not as social since the burning. :(

And last is my guppies. I have other fish, but my phone has a crap camera. They are cuties, though.

I just had to share this.
My Pixellated Avi
I almost cried. Love this kid.

"The Cavanaughs" Web Series
My Pixellated Avi
"The Cavanaughs" Web Series

Read this.

RIP Herbert
Sigh. Herbert, my fern, died. He never did take after the transplanting. I think it was bad soil or shock. So, as he was on his deathbed, I threw him outside to see if he might make it. He didn't. It's not like losing a fmily member or a pet, but it's still sad. :(

On a happier note, I do happen to have fish now. 11. Plus a snail. They all get along great now, albeit after some drama the first few days as they got to know each other. I'll upload pictures when my camera decides to stop being dead. :/ I could use my cell phone, but it's such a low tech piece of crap.

I like having fish. They're fairly low maintennace outside of feeding time and the weekly water changing. Of course, it's been a week since I got the first two, but who's counting?

My unemployment is running out, but I have combined about 800 to get myself by once the unemployment does run out. So I'm set for a few months. Still no job, but I'm trying.

And a piece of advice about fish... No goldfish. They may be cheap, but they get huge and they're really dirty. Perfect for putting outdoors, though, if you have a koi pond of some kind. I've done lots of research. ^_^ Eventually, I'd like to get a reptile of some kind. But not a snake. I'm thinking a standrad lizard or a turtle, but that's quite a ways away.

That's about it. Oh, and don't forget to follow me on tumblr! I'm not on Facebook, and I don't "get" tumblr, but it's another way to stay in contact with y'all!

Happy birthday Rachie!
My Pixellated Avi
I know I'm off by a day or two, but happy bday anyway. :)

Random Money Spending
Hey all! Herbert is still alive. I shoved him in a closet, and he's not wilting at the rate he once was, but he's still a bit brown and limp. Which you may or may not have known about because I don't know if I updated about his condition before...

Still unemployed, but spending money I don't have anyway! I'm investing in fish. :) I'm buying two different tanks, a 10 gallon for an eventual fishy community, and a 1 gallon for a betta because I feel bad whenever I see them in those little plastic cups. :( No idea when I'm actually getting the fish, but I hope it's soon. I'm kind of really excited even though I know it'll be a lot of work. And maybe Herbert won't be so lonely if he has someone to spend time with.

As for the job market, I had an interview for a job at a video store a few days ago, but may have shot myself in the foot. When asked why i should work there, I said I'm an animation fan and I'd be able to tell when something not family friendly was in the kids section, and pointed out that there were a few videos in there that might not pass inspection. So, yeah, calling someone incompetent during your job interview isn't exactly smooth, haha!

Tom spent a week with us, and thankfully we were in separate houses for most of it, but he wants to come back for another "visit". But my mom is on anti-depressants and she's not flipping out so much so nobody is as stressed as they normally would be.

I also have, on the way, the Batman Year One Blu-Ray, as well as a copy of Martina McBride's new CD. I'm hoping it's not as bland as her last few, but I love her so I buy all of her albums anyway!

Recently, I signed up for Tumblr, because my love of flannel and disdain for modern pop culture seems to have made me a hipster, so you can follow me here: I'm not that into it, but since nobody but Kate and Rachie is on Twitter it'll have to do so I can keep in touch with you guys. <3

Taking the niece out Trick-or-Treating tonight. The oldest one, that is. Which means I should probably be asleep right now, but since it's me I'm not. But yeah, I'm mostly excited about the fish. I even signed up for a free Amazon Prime trial account so I can get the tanks and such earlier for free. Woot!

Anyway, hopefully next time I update it'll with news of my employment, but don't count on it.

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